Troubleshooting guide


Used abbreviations


  • BT – Bluetooth

  • Pairing – Connection between PC & phone device, usually refers to BT pairing

  • Phone projecting = phone mirroring

Known issues


Issue: When using BT headset, no call audio is routed to my PC or my headset


  • If the headset includes a connecting USB dongle – connect the dongle to the PC and enjoy the ability to use the BT headset with the app

  • If no USB dongle is included there is no current support for BT headset that is connected directly to the PC through the BT settings (BT technical limitation)



Issue: While performing a call and restart, sign off or hibernate is done, call doesn’t route back to the phone automatically.

Solution: Switch the call to a private mode manually before doing one of the above actions


Issue: Cannot search contact by number

Solution: By design, only search by name of a contact is currently supported


Issue: I do not hear the sound when projecting the phone to my PC

Solution: Audio “Mirroring” is not supported in this version. Audio, that is not phone call audio, will be sounded from the phone instead of the PC


Issue: My app does not automatically start although I had set it to launch on startup

Solution: This is a known behavior for some devices

In case none of the above are helpful, please provide a detailed description of your issue, along with logs  and screen shots. Please zip and send it to: Virtoo Support Team.


Where can I find the app logs?

 Log files, named "scremote.core*.log" and "scremote.core.1.log" can be found under Windows Temp directory.

- Right-click on the Start button and then choose Run

- In the Run window or search box, type the following command exactly: %temp% and press "Enter"

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