Modern enterprise and consumer environments force people to simultaneously interact with multiple devices. Laptops, tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches are competing for our attention, making the juggling between them confusing and unproductive. The main problem is that not only the different devices are powered by different operating systems, but each one of them also has its own display and input methods, making it very hard to create a cohesive experience and stay productive.   

Screenovate’s Wireless Device Virtualization (WDV) platform provides an advanced, end-to-end solution. It addresses the need to connect devices and screens conveniently and without any compromise on quality, performance, or experience. Our cross-OS software covers a wide matrix of devices, chipsets and form factors, allowing full flexibility. We integrate screens and experiences while innovating for the future with an advanced AR/VR platform that is geared towards the next productivity environment.



Screenovate is a leader and a pioneer in screen duplication solutions.

our software beams the smartphone UI to other media platforms, such as TV, car display and PC monitors.


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