The minimum hardware and software requirements for Virtoo app

For a successful setup and usage, Virtoo app needs certain hardware and software components to be present on a computer and a phone devices:

- Windows 10 64-bit

- Wi-Fi card with Wi-Fi direct support

- Bluetooth 4 or higher

- Android 5 or higher


How to check if Wi-Fi adapter does support Wi-Fi direct:


Run the following command from the command line:

 Netsh wlan show drivers

If the command output looks like below, your Wi-Fi module supports Wi-Fi direct.

Wireless Display supported: Yes


How to check what version of the Bluetooth standard does PC support:

Follow these steps:

In the Run Command window type devmgmt.msc and then press enter. If you now prompted to confirm this step due to the Windows security settings on your computer just click the “Yes” button


In the Device Manager expand the Bluetooth category. Look for the Bluetooth adapter device. Its name will vary depending on your exact hardware but it will usually refer to something such as "Bluetooth Radio" or, "Bluetooth Adapter"

Double click to open the properties of the Bluetooth adapter device. Navigate to “Advanced” tab as shown below.

What you need to locate in this screen is the “LMP version”.

Use the table below to translate the LMP version of your Bluetooth adapter to the actual revision of Bluetooth supported. In the example above the number is 6.1280. As the LMP table below shows, any LMP number starting with 6 indicates that your adapter supports up to and including version 4 of the Bluetooth standard

LMP Bluetooth Version

6 - Bluetooth 4.0

7 - Bluetooth 4.1

8 - Bluetooth 4.2

9 - Bluetooth 5




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