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Make Your Smartphone a Window on Your PC

Make phone calls | Send text messages | Get phone notifications | Use Android apps

Connect your PC and Phone

Virtoo extends your smartphone to the PC, allowing hands-free calls, SMS messaging and Android apps mirroring. It provides complete integration between your PC and your phone. Leave your mobile device in your bag or on the desk and enjoy its full functionality through the PC’s mouse, keyboard, and touch screen. 


Make handsfree phone calls

Make and take phone calls, they will be automatically routed through your PC and will be handled using your PC’s speakers and microphone (or headset).


Send SMS messages

Send and receive SMS messages using your PC’s keyboard. SMS messages can be engaged with through the Message tab or through an SMS notification as it comes up. 


Use Android apps on your PC

Mirror your phone’s screen onto your PC and engage with any of the apps through your PC’s mouse, keyboard, and touch screen.


Get phone notifications

Your phone and Android notifications will show on your PC and you will be able to engage with them through your PC’s mouse, keyboard, and touch screen.




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