IT & Configuration Engineer 


Job Description

Screenovate is a leader and pioneer in wireless device connectivity solutions with a strong patent portfolio, strategic deals, and relationships. We work with some of the largest PC manufacturers delivering to millions of clients worldwide.
This position is for a Swiss-Army Engineer, able to cover many IT and operational needs, and grow into a Developer Operations and Support position. 

You can read about it and watch a demo video of the product in the following links:

What Will You Do?

We are looking for a brilliant full-stack developer to take a leading role in the creation of our next generation (brand new…☺) product.

What Are We Looking For?

•    Manage corporate IT assets – Various devices, operating systems, networks. On premise and on cloud.
•    Account and user administration of various services. 
•    Pipeline Automation – planning, execution, and maintenance (eg: Jenkins)
•    Technical procurement from various markets (US, ASIA)


•    Excellent oral/written communication in English
•    Good workload management and prioritization skills
•    3 years of experience (or home/military) with Linux, Windows, and network administration.
•    Proficient in BASH and BATCH. Familiarity with various programming languages and syntax (Python, Groovy, JavaScript.. ). 
•    Security oriented – experience with Anti-Virus, Firewalls, user-management, and policies. 
•    Strong technological orientation - self-learner and rapid adopter of new topics (There is plenty of room to grow here).

•    Experience with Jenkins or relevant CI/CD (or prepared to and able to learn).
•    Experience with Git (beyond the basics).
•    Familiar with Android (ADB and Fastboot)
•    Can build a PC from components (general technical abilities).
•    Familiarity with various AWS solutions.
•    Experience in purchasing from both the US and Asia.