Getting Started Guide

Virtoo extends your smartphone to the PC, allowing hands-free calls, SMS messaging and Android apps mirroring.

For a successful setup and usage, Virtoo app needs certain hardware and software components to be present on a computer and a phone devices.

Virtoo provides complete integration between your PC and your phone. Leave your mobile device in your bag or on the desk and enjoy its full functionality through the PC’s mouse, keyboard, and touch screen. 

Make or take calls using your PC’s speakers and microphone, send and receive text messages, access your contacts, get mobile notifications on your PC, and even mirror the phone’s screen onto the PC for interactive engagement with any of your phone apps. 

Virtoo is designed for ease of use, increased productivity, and more than anything – convenience.

Key Features:


  • Handsfree phone calls – make and take phone calls, they will be automatically routed through your PC and will be handled using your PC’s speakers and microphone (or headset). 

  • Text messaging – send and receive SMS messages using your PC’s keyboard. SMS messages can be engaged with through the Message tab or through an SMS notification as it comes up. 

  • Notifications – your phone and Android notifications will show on your PC and you will be able to engage with them through your PC’s mouse, keyboard, and touch screen.

  • Contacts – have your phone’s contact book available through the PC, search for the right contact and either make a call or send an SMS directly from it

  • Screen mirroring – mirror your phone’s screen onto your PC and engage with any of the apps through your PC’s mouse, keyboard, and touch screen.


Installation instructions

On PC side:

  • Download the app from

  • Turn ON Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • Run the app installation

  • Open the app, choose your phone option and simply follow the setup steps.


On the phone:

  • Scan QR code on PC side app (install and run the app to get to that screen) or search on the Store "Virtoo (Beta) - Virtual smartphone on your PC (Unreleased)"




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